York, United Kingdom 2022

Grand Opera House York

The Grand Opera House in York is a stunning building with a fascinating history. Originally constructed in 1868 as a Corn Exchange and Warehouse, it was later transformed into a theatre in 1902. However, in 1958, the stalls boxes and stage were removed, and the space was repurposed for roller-skating, dance, bingo, and wrestling. It was renamed as the SS Empire, and it remained this way for almost thirty years. Fortunately, in 1987, the theatre was finally restored to its original function and design, providing audiences with an exceptional theatrical experience.

ŌZA had the honour of being selected as the interior designer for the Grand Opera House York renovation. The main auditorium, foyer, bar, as well as the places where performers get ready for performances, like dressing rooms and bathrooms, were all upgraded by our team. Our main objective was to respect the theater's rich history and bring back its distinctive character to its former splendour.

Redesigning the bar to make it a cosy, inviting, and comfortable atmosphere was one of our main goals for the project. We were able to learn a lot about the theater's operations and audience requirements by working closely with the administration of the theatre. We made sure the bar was both aesthetically beautiful and functional, and we prioritised the convenience and enjoyment of the audience.

We successfully gave the Grand Opera House York new life by paying close attention to the details and having a great regard for the theater's past. We take great pride in having participated in this restoration and helping to preserve this outstanding landmark.

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