London, United Kingdom 2022

Doro Apartment

The interior of this typical Victorian style semi-detached house was reinvented for a young couple in the British capital. Built circa 1900, the house features coloured brick and wood, a pitched roof, bay windows and a fireplace in every room which adds instant charm. 

Its location in Battersea, South West London, was the main source of inspiration. This is reflected in the kind of living environment created by those who lived during the Industrial Revolution. Our aim was to bring the dark industrial past into the background by designing a house that exudes lightness, calmness and serenity. 

Immediately upon entering, you are greeted by an impressive hall with black walls, which combined with a light-coloured floor symbolises the gradual transition from dark to light. We were inspired by the original architecture and used it as base by applying subtle colour palettes with natural tones. 

By opening the wall between the kitchen and the living room, the small, dark rooms were transformed into a volumous L-shaped space. Glazed metal sections were installed to help define each area whilst maintaining uninterrupted visual connections, letting light flood deep inside, underlining the generous ceiling height. The balance between horizontal and vertical lines creates a beautiful harmony.

Blending the existing bright mineral chimney mantel with thick oak shelves is reminiscent of the dry landscape of the Luberon region in the South of France, where the clients spend time in between the family. Similarly, the wooden floor, the greenish white of the walls and the sandy curtain fabric all reference the coastal landscapes of the Île d'Oléron, another continental location close to the client’s hearts.

Antique British heritage pieces are brought together with contemporary design pieces and abstract art in this house. Furthermore, there was a close collaboration between craftsmen and artists who combined their knowledge to achieve stunning results. 

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