London, United Kingdom 2023

Cranleigh Lodge

In this house, every detail has been designed to distil each project down to the essence, focusing on emphasizing balance and harmony, rather than superficial shine. A peaceful sanctuary feeling and emotional design are applied to the design with ultimate sophisticated detailing. 

The house is invisible from the bustling street, behind a door framed by a distinctive classical stone portal, that was a hidden gem at the heart of Chelsea. As soon as you enter, you are taken to a tranquil oasis, far from the commotion and clamour of the surrounding metropolis.

The building’s landscape and interior, although conceived in a classical spirit, no longer responded to the desire and ambition of its new owner, who wished for a profound redesign of his property through a scope of prestigious modernity.

The clients trusted us to bring to life their vision for the space and gave OZA full autonomy on interior design, landscaping, and FF&E to do so. Everything about the project, from the wooden panelling to the lounge chairs and accessories, has been carefully designed and curated by OZA through our careful and very personal interpretation of modern luxury.

The design of this place is an attempt to convey feeling and emotion through space and materiality. Designed as a place outside of time, one would experience a serene ambience but would remember a place defined by elegance and sophisticated detailing.

Our minimalist approach, natural materials and sophisticated detailing create a timeless soul to this house. Each millimetre of the space has been thought of and considered.

Each room has been drawn with the same rigorous line, tying together the architecture, the concealed joinery, the fittings, and the furnishing. Some of the construction lines have been carried throughout the house as a “fil d’Arianne” to connect each room and affirm the identity of the project. Throughout the house, we deliberately removed all unnecessary doors and increased the size of the architraves to allow light to flood the space, creating a visible thread that connects each area.

It’s not just a serenity of the aesthetic; the essential here is invisible to the eyes, a beautifully crafted balance between light and shadow, feminine and masculine, traditional and unusual. This house demonstrates that it’s still possible to choose chose comfort and practicality without compromising on the aesthetic of the design.  

We used a blend of natural and raw materials throughout the house. We aren’t afraid to expose the imperfect beauty of natural materials. By exposing and enhancing the materials available, we aim to create a new aesthetic language. 

Most of the furniture and the wall lights in the living room are part of our first furniture and lighting collection called Warrior, which is now available to order on our website.

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